AMARIE is artisanal urban resortwear inspired by beach getaways and urban life in the Philippine tropics.  We present to you a fashionably global aesthetic which serves to promote and uplift Filipino artisans.  AMARIE celebrates the beauty and age-old traditions of Filipino embroidery and at the same time commits to positively impacting the lives of the women whose artistry and craft are the core of the designs.  The result is a distinctly artisanal collection of unmistakable global flair and a relaxed seasonless resort vibe.


Creative director, Anne Marie Saguil, takes inspiration from her life in the Philippine tropics.  A Filipina-American designer travelling between the Philippine islands and the United States, Saguil shares her passion for craftsmanship and slow fashion through designs that use hand embroidered techniques and indigenous hand woven materials. Stylishly current handcrafted pieces are skillfully created with the aim of providing viable sustainable livelihoods. At AMARIE we believe in a sustainable slow fashion ideology and the intrinsic value of each piece of clothing. From our small workshop in Manila, we produce crafted stylish wearable pieces in small batches allowing for a thoughtful creative process and quality throughout.


ANNE MARIE ROBICHEAU SAGUIL was born and raised in the Philippines to an American father and Filipina mother.  Her college years were spent in California where she received her Bachelors degree in Textiles from the University of California, Davis and then later a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco.  She then spent many years working in New York City's fashion industry where she gained valuable experience in design and production.  Later wanting to reconnect with her roots, Saguil moved back to the Philippines and founded MOSAIC, which went on to become a leading women's clothing brand in the local retail scene.  After a successful ten year run with her first fashion label, Saguil decided it was time to listen to a long persistent desire to explore deeper into the art of Filipino embroidery and the value of sustainable slow fashion.  Thus AMARIE was born, this time with a larger mission of celebrating Filipino craftsmanship while sustaining lives and making a positive impact in her beloved Philippines.